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Xbox One November Update Detailed

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Details of the next Xbox One update have emerged with the focus on new customisation for the dashboard and social sharing features for TV and gaming.

Once again drawing from Xbox One gamer’s most wanted inclusions the November update will introduce Custom Backgrounds allowing each user / account holder an individual background for their dashboard experience. A choice of colours will be available along with achievement artwork from the games. Microsoft states this is an initial step in making the Xbox One more customizable and more options will become available in future updates.

New Gamer Profile settings will allow Xbox Live account users to share their location on their public profile as well as view other gamer’s locations through the Xbox One console and SmartGlass companion app for Android, iOS and Windows Phone devices. The bio section can now be made visible or hidden, joining the ability to show or hide real names which was introduced in an earlier update. It will also be possible to use SmartGlass to scroll through a user’s achievements and gaming clips in a carousel format on their profile.

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Microsoft seriously strengthens its bond with Twitter in this update, firstly by allowing Xbox One gamers to share their favourite game videos with friends on the social network. All game clips will be accompanied by a Share button making it easy to get them out with a tweet.

The integration of Twitter continues with the Xbox One’s Live TV feature. Starting with Xbox Live preview members only, a new section of the OneGuide will offer a line-up of the 20 most watched shows which is updated on a minute by minute basis, based on what’s trending and popular in conversation on Twitter.

Live TV trending will also factor in, and figures will be drawn anonymously from what Xbox One users are watching to generate an always up-to-date list of top telly. Tweets from Live TV shows will be displayed on the Xbox One in real time so users know where the hot conversations are happening at that moment in the MiniGuide.

MiniGuide will also provide a home for all favourite shows and recently viewed programming and can be brought up at any time during Live TV use with the Kinect voice command – “Xbox Select – MiniGuide”.

The Xbox Store has been improved for quicker and easier browsing of items such as games, apps and add-ons. Searches can be made more precise so gamers can find just what they’re looking for and will be offered personalised recommendations in the ever-growing library of digital content.

Back to Xbox One SmartGlass, friend’s Game Activity can be made visible allowing you to see which titles mates have been playing and when they were last gaming. All the current Games with Gold deals can also be viewed and set to download to the Xbox One console remotely through the companion app. The Xbox Store on SmartGlass will also receive improvements in the coming update.

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Microsoft’s own Internet Explorer on Xbox One will get a few new tweaks next month, including the ability to go from full screen to snap mode and a featured sites list will also appear in the IE web browsing app.

The new Xbox One update is due to arrive in early November for all users but is available from today for Xbox Live preview members who can earn points on their early feedback.