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Xiaomi Opens UK Web Store – But Not Selling Smartphones (Yet)

Rising Chinese mobile manufacturer Xiaomi has edged its way into the western market by opening its first online store catering to the UK, USA, France and Germany – but they won’t be selling any smartphones just yet.

The Mi 4i from Xiaomi boasts Octa-core Processing and 4G Connectivity. Look, but don’t touch..

Believe it or not but Xiaomi is the third biggest distributor of smartphones in the world but is mostly unheard of in Europe and the United States as the majority of its sales reach is China oriented (no pun intended). With a massive population of mobile users over there, and with consumers in the Far East always keen to buy tech from home-grown companies, it’s simple to see where a reported $12-billion dollar yearly revenue would come from (based on 2014 figures).

Xiaomi was recently knocked down a peg when the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus invaded China allowing American mega-force Apple to take the top sales spot in the country after a long battle to get its brand in there. It was also suggested that some copyright conflicts with Apple is in part to blame for Xiaomi’s late arrival in the west. Not to be beaten, the Chinese co. has reinvented itself with a brand new range of impressive Mi smartphones and associated accessories.

And it’s those accessories and extra bits that Xiaomi hopes will establish its brand name with which launched yesterday. There’s a very nice starting line-up of gadgets available to buy now and the prices are appealing too.

From the Mi Power Bank – an external power source for mobile devices which is available in 5000mAh and 10400mAh models starting at $9.99, to the incredibly stylish and well-crafted Mi Headphones at $79.99 and the Mi Band fitness and lifestyle wearable for £14.99.

Xiaomi teases a few other products on which at present are not available from its online store but by showcasing them on the website it suggests they will hopefully arrive soon. These include the full range of Mi smartphones which we’ve mentioned before and the 47” 3D Mi TV with built in Mi Box for apps and gaming.

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If you’re in the UK, USA, France or Germany we’d certainly recommend popping over to after reading this article and learn about the Xiaomi products available now and the others that will no doubt be coming our way soon.