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AI Moving Image Created Successfully

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AI moving image after image to create something similar, yet non-human. Imagine going to the cinema to watch a film created solely by an AI. The script, the scenes, all done by an artificial entity. Not possible yet but no impossibility at this stage. The very nature of AI means it will speed up in development, exponentially, over time.

For a full in depth description of how this works, you can read the paper, we have provided the link below:
Efficient Video Generation on Complex Datasets

AI Moving Image

AI moving image is a bit of a mouthful therefore we will just call it AI gif for now.
Although they are indeed similar to a human created gif, looking closely reveals the strangeness.  Click the image below to have a quick peek.

From the golfer putting without a putter to the skater with rubber legs, none are entirely normal looking. The closest they come to normality are the images of babies looking at the camera. All the others fail under close scrutiny. Some of the images defy logic. Because of this an explanation of what is going on is ineffable.

Moving pictures have certainly come a long way.


You will notice in the video of the running horse that the cameraman set up many cameras to achieve this effect. This is kind of like how the machine learns, from a very analogue point of view anyway. So, each processor will look at an image and come up with an impression of it. The next processor has this same image though armed with the previous processors deductions.. Just like the cameraman knew it would be a running horse by putting all the images together, the whole can be worked out and generated again. This is in no way an explanation of how the DVD-GAN works but a rough idea. The difference is that the GAN can create these images from nothing once it has enough information to look back on.

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