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Android O For Oreo!

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So many things happening at once its hard to keep track, Android O announced to be Oreo though!

Along with an eclipse happening and Intel announcing their 8th generation CPU, Google added their weight to the pile and threw in the name for Android O:

Android have huddled up with the food giants before, allowing for the first product placement on an OS, Kitkat.

We expect to see Oreo special editions in Android green any time soon. 

All silliness aside. Along with the announcement the update will bring a slew of new goodies…

Android O Update

  • Picture in Picture (PiP)

You will be able to view videos in the foreground whilst using other apps in the background.

  • Notification Dots

Each app icon will have a dot showing when you have a new notification from it. There will be new notification channels and Android have added the ability to snooze a notification until later.

  • Smarter text entry and autofill APIs
  • Boot time and App loading on Android 8.0 Oreo OS is twice as fast as on Nougat
  • Downloadable Fonts
  • Adaptive Icons
  • Over 60 New Emoji!

  • Better keyboard navigation

“In Android O, we are focused on building a more reliable, predictable model for ‘arrow’ and ‘tab’ navigation that aids both developers and end users,”  Google.

  • Better audio

Google will be adding Sony’s LDAC codec which should improve audio, especially over Bluetooth.

  • Camera app improvements
  • Contextual press-to-hold options
  • Accessibility

It will be much easier to access features such as magnification and select to speak.

  • Octopus

A special Cthulu-esque easter egg included in Oreo. The Octopus is something fun to play with if boredom strikes. 

  • HDR displays are officially supported
  • Better Bluetooth support
  • Apps are better thanks to Google Play Protect and tougher enforcement of criteria
  • Google Play Protect

Google Play Protect, a background service that will optimize security on your Android by analyzing the behavior of apps to detect malware, and remove it from your phone and the Play Store.


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