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Apple CEO in Star Wars themed “carbonite” iPhone case goes on sale!

It is a period of legal war..
Or it will be once Apple and Lucasfilm lock targets on this! Some gadget mercenaries have had the amusing but strange idea of making this very unique geek treat for Star Wars and Apple fanatics – it’s an iPhone case featuring CEO Steve Jobs“and he’s still encased in carbonite!”

Flying solo from Apple and Lucasfilm, Society6 are the rebellious company behind this fandom menace replicating the famous scenes from the Empire Strikes Back and Return of The Jedi.

Society6 is also the maker of a number of other unlicenced film and cult cases for Apple gadgets – the latest of which will undoubtedly have the both Apple and Lucasfilm empires in uproar.

The Apple add-on suits iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS and iPhone4 retailing at $35 US or equivalent galactic credits and is available to buy now. But if you want one you better act at lightspeed – These are sure to be limited edition very soon!

A carbonite encased iPhone is worth the bounty for a highly detailed decal of Jobs, from the rims of his glasses to the mock-turtle neck sweater – Jabba will be most pleased!     

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Source: Society6