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Android 2.3.4 to bring video calling similar to FaceTime

The ability to make a video call is nothing new on an Android device. However, it’s only been available as a “standard” 3G call – which therefore would cost you money, or go against your inclusive allowance.

Now, according to information obtained by someone on Twitter, Google are planning on implementing a new video calling feature  within Android 2.3.4, which instead of having to use a 3G connection will work using Wi-Fi – very much like Apple’s FaceTime.

Anyone using web-based Gmail may have already tried the video calling plug-in which is available for users to download. A recent tweet from a guy called Saad, who apparently works for Samsung, says that Google are planning on implanting a similar feature within Gmail for Android which will allow direct video calling.

The video calling feature will be a part of the next Android update – 2.3.4, and will apparently be unveiled during the Google I/O devcon which will be held on 10-11 May in San Francisco.

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