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Apple iTunes gets auto-update toggle and new options

iPhone and iPod users tired of syncing software to content to grab those latest updates to iTunes can let go a sigh of relief today, as Apple has revealed its new auto-update toggle for the popular music store online.

iTunes has been in existence for over ten years now, with iPod support since the early days – however the laborious update system has been bothersome ever since. Now Apple has employed a series of options, allowing music fans to access a simple series of settings.

Users can flip between automated downloads of updates or prompts, as well as selecting to automatically receive pre-order iTunes Pass. The flip switch also means no more loading time used on loading up your entire library when you just want to snag a new track. Check out your iTunes Music Options today to view the changes and customise your settings.

Apple already uses auto-updates for iBooks and through the App Store on its range of popular gadgets including iPhone, iPod and iPad.

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