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Apple Replacement Program Launches for Faulty USB-C Cable

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Apple has begun a replacement program for faulty USB-C charger cables after a number were identified as having a design flaw.

The USB-C cables in question were shipped with Apple’s 12-inch MacBook from June 2015, as well as being sold separately, and despite not being an issue that will cause any harm to anybody (like the recent spate of dodgy two-pin plugs) the issue with these cables is more annoying than anything else – causing the MacBook not to charge or giving the impression it is charging when no power is actually being delivered to the device.

As is standard Apple has been good enough to launch the swap out service for its loyal followers after the problem was reported. They have also published advice and an image on the support website explaining how to simply identify potentially defective charger cables which we have shared below.

Affected USB-C cables feature the text ‘Designed by Apple in California’ – Non-affected leads and the new replacements will be marked similarly but will also include a serial number. A list of countries can be found in a drop-down list at the left of the website for region specific information about the problem including the United Kingdom. However, details of the recall are the same in all regions and it appears to be fairly widespread across the globe.

If your MacBook product was registered online when purchased Apple will have your details and replace the lead without need to request one. Customers who identify a faulty lead but who have not registered can claim their replacement through a local Apple Store or via the Apple website and the scheme will run until June 2018.

Source: Apple