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Apple Watch 2 is in Development, Suggests Parts Supplier

The Apple Watch is still in its relative infancy, having only been released back in April this year. But talk has already turned to a second iteration and these rumours have been ignited even more after comments made by the boss of one of Apple’s supply chains.

A number of sources are reporting today that Barry Lam, chairman of Quanta Computing based in Taiwan, has confirmed work on the Apple Watch 2 has already begun with an estimated launch scheduled for June 2016. In quotes shared by the United Daily News in China from Lam himself, he states “Quanta and Apple are currently developing the second-generation of the Apple Watch, expected late next year in the second quarter.”

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Quanta has worked with Apple before and also supplied components for a number of the world’s other most notable tech brands including Sony, LG, Hewlett-Packard and Sharp.

Chairman Barry Lam suggests that the next generation of Apple Watch which runs on Apple’s dedicated WatchOS will come, naturally, with “fully upgraded hardware and software” and also foresees the demand will outmatch its predecessor, which itself was troubled by limited availability when stock couldn’t meet the pre-orders in time for launch. The cause for the delay was cited as a faulty part in the device’s ticker mechanism which was provided by another of Apple’s supply chains.

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With sights set on a June launch we think the countdown to the next Apple Watch should begin early next year. If Apple chooses to follow trend as we suspect the next model would come with LTE/4G connectivity option to set it up alongside the recently announced LG Watch Urbane 2nd Edition.

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