How to Restart the Apple Watch When Frozen

The Gadget Helpline has received a few reports (and only a few) from early Apple Watch adopters regarding occasional freezing of the apps and the watchOS causing the wearable to lock up. This can leave the Apple Watch temporarily unusable and can of course lead to panic when your £300 digital bling stops responding unexpectedly. But like with the iPhone and iPad there are a few tricks you can try that should get you reset and restarted.

Firstly, if the touch screen is still responsive:

Press and hold the side button

The slider will appear allowing you to Power Off

Slide it across screen by moving your finger on the touch surface

Power on again using the side button.

Apple logo will appear. Watch will restart.

However, if you have no response from the touch screen and the Apple Watch appears completely frozen:

Press and hold the Home/Digital Crown button and side button (located beneath) together for ten seconds.

Apple logo will appear. Watch will restart.

(This one works similarly to the basic reset on an iPhone. Veteran Apple owners should be familiar!)