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Apple Watch Battery And Storage Revealed

Apple’s upcoming Apple Watch has been receiving major flak from consumers, journalists and other critics prior to release over the apparently inadequate battery life the product will include on release. Apple have already stated the battery life of the device will last ‘all day’ but only allows for 45 minutes of app usage into that figure.

Now we’ve heard from various sources online that the Apple Watch’s battery will be a replaceable affair – apparently devices suffering from battery problems will be able to switch out their battery through Apple. Charging issues and low capacity problems between individual units could be solved with this option.

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It’s not been fully explained what kind of battery is inside the Apple Watch or whether the device itself allows users to fiddle around inside its casing to replace the battery themselves – although it’s hugely unlikely than Apple will allow users to perform their own repairs. The battery itself will have a lifespan of three years, as in how long it’s expected to last without causing any problems or losing reliability or capacity.

The Apple Watch’s previously explained power usage statistics say that a users will get 90 time checks, 90 notifications, 45 minutes of app use and a 30-minute workout with music playback via Bluetooth on one battery full charge – this is over an 18 hour period, not exactly a full day, but then again, this does allow for a 6 hour sleep, or charging period for the device.

It’s also been noted by many that exactly what you do on the watch will also effect the amount of time it stays on – the three most power intensive activities of music playback, use of the heartbeat sensor, and taking calls each being predicted to cut battery life if used much more regularly than shown on the stats above. In the case of taking phone calls the battery’s daily life might only be half of what Apple says.

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With regards to the music playback, it’s been also detailed that the device will be able to hold a capped 2GB of music – any more is apparently just too much for the Apple Watch to hold. The watch is set to release with a confirmed 8GB of storage space, with the remaining 6GB of space being required for the OS and apps. Users can also only store 75MB of photos on the device – but the screen is very small so this might not be so much of a problem.

Once the Apple Watch does get released we’ll know for sure just how the power consumption works and what kind of usage you can get out of the device. The thing is that everyone’s experience will be different, as usage, batteries and the amount of charge people get onto the watch varies. We’ll stay tuned on this one.

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