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New Macbook Causes Backlash Online

Yesterday we reported on the brand new, thinner Macbook that’s been announced by Apple – in the article we mentioned that the device’s performance will pack less of a punch than the Macbook Air, and truth be told this fact has somewhat enraged Apple’s fans who are only just getting wind of the release, with Twitter users furiously panning the flashy new retina display device.

Not only are the specs of the laptop low enough to qualify the device as a ‘tablet with a keyboard and Force Touch’, the amount of physical input ports onto the device has been reduced to a single USB type-C connector. Not only does this mean an adapter (prices around $20) will be required, but also this limits the laptop’s ability to work with multiple accessories.

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One single port means that routing the laptops video out to an external device such as a projector or monitor won’t be possible without using an adapter, and additionally plugging in a USB mouse or other accessory won’t be possible without taking the device off charge and then also using an adapter.

There is a sort of solution in the fact that adapters from Apple do add a normal port and/or video out, meaning you can work around the problem at an additional cost – but the laptop is already over $1000 price. A simple USB converter goes for $20, and the multi port video out adapters go for an incredible $80 – Apple’s reliance on using the most advanced hardware for the most basic functions really hits users hard in the wallet.

The various adapters that you can use to get your external USB devices to work with the new Macbook.
The $20 single USB adapter pictured center and the $80 multiple USB port adapters with VGA or HDMI output left and right.

The insane attention to detail Apple has gone into to make the device smaller may have come back round to bite them in the rear, as the device’s price tag doesn’t really reflect the performance of the device. The new Macbook does boast 8GB of RAM, which is acceptable, but in terms of graphics and processor strength it just doesn’t look like it’ll measure up. Intel’s dual core Core M processor used in the new Macbook might be energy efficient and compact, but it’s no monster.

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As a result It’s been speculated that high end games and serious photo editing won’t be an option for users due to the Intel chipset on board being not up to scratch, even on the more expensive high performance version. It’s clear that this Macbook is more of a sofa laptop – social media, animated gifs and other online stuff like cloud documents services will seemingly be the domain of this new Macbook.

The general verdict on the new device is that yes, it is flashy, it is futuristic, the retina display and haptic Force Touch touchpad are revolutionary… but if you’re in the market for a laptop from Apple for some serious productivity or gaming, you’d be better off with the older 13 inch Macbook Air.

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