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Star Trek U.S.S. Enterprise Flying Disc from Think Geek

The life of a Starfleet crewperson may not always seem like fun and games, particularly if you’re an ill-fated redshirt! So when you get a bit of time away from all the tech and gadgets you’ll probably want to make the most of it and those highly logical chaps at Think Geek have just the thing to fling whether you’re spending your shore leave on the red hot beaches of Risa or just chilling in your back garden here on Earth – it’s the Star Trek U.S.S Enterprise Flying Disc!

This Federation regulation flying disc is a Think Geek exclusive and is a full-licensed and officially branded Star Trek product which looks just like the classic Starship Enterprise complete with the NCC-1701 registry and detailing as seen on screen in the Star Trek original series which starred William Shatner as Captain Kirk and late Leonard Nimoy as Mister Spock.

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As you’ll see in the fun promo clip this toy goes where no other Frisbee has gone before and features a tough 10” plastic saucer section that spins through the air while pulling along the secondary hull and warp nasals and gliding with style (depending on your piloting skills!) The aft section is made of resilient foam which will protect it from a hardy crash but it may not survive if it gets attacked in hostile alien territory such as Romulan space or a neighbour’s yard!

The Star Trek U.S.S Enterprise Flying Disc is available now at costing $24.99 in Earth American currency. Tribbles not accepted as trade.

*Performance of this toy may differ based on your planet’s gravitational force variables.