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Batman Arkham City: New Skins DLC Delivers 7 New Versions of The Dark Knight!

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The newest Batman: Arkham City downloadable content pack has dropped onto the mean streets of Gotham – and we think it’s one of, if not the, best DLC, for any game, ever! Available now for the Dark Knight’s latest caped crusade on Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 is a set of 7 new skins, featuring some truly legendary comic and cartoon outfits which are sure to please the hardcore comic geeks and Arkham gamers alike!

We were pretty freaking excited when we saw the picture that surfaced before the Rocksteady/Warner Bros. game’s launch which showed off all the Batmen in their full garms that would soon become available as playable content, and now they are here – no joke!

Included in the new bundle Batman: Arkham City fans will find: 1970s DC Batman in classic blue cape with grey suit. Animated Series Batman, the stocky white eyed version seen in the early-90s cartoon series. Year One Batman, the dark comic version as seen in the classic noir thriller by Frank Miller.

Earth One Batman, an alternate timeline caped crusader from the New Earth comics. Sinestro Corps Batman, from the Green Lantern lineage, comes in Yellow Lantern costume bearing power ring. This version was not in the original line-up image seen before the game’s release and makes a most welcome surprise addition.

The Batman Beyond variant comes from the early-00s animated series and is the only Batman in the new skin pack not to be an alter ego of Bruce Wayne. And possibly most exciting of all the new skins – The Dark Knight Returns Batman, another Miller creation, the aged hero is from one of the greatest graphic novels ever written.

Action-adventure beat ‘em up Arkham City has been enjoying much success since its console release on October 21st as the sequel to 2009’s popular comic-to-game Arkham Asylum and the game features returning voiceovers from Kevin Conroy as Batman and Luke Skywalker actor Mark Hamill reprising every fanboy’s dream role as the voice of The Joker.

Arkham City is up for numerous awards at this year’s Video Games Awards hosted by Spike TV on December 10th. Much fought over categories which the Dark Knight looks to take on include: Best Xbox 360 Game, Best Action/Adventure Game, Best Adapted Video Game, Best Original Score, Best Graphics, Best Performance By A Human Role: Mark Hamill (for the Joker), Best Performance By A Human Female: Tara Strong (for Harley Quinn), Trailer of the Year, Best Studio (for Rocksteady) and ultimately – Game of the Year.

If you know your Batman, we’re sure you’ll be sharing our excitement for this new DLC package which is up for grabs through the Xbox LIVE and Playstation Network platforms today. The riddle is – which Batman will you choose?

Let us know who who’ve selected as your best Bat and your thoughts in general on this epic DLC on our comments below or via our @Gadget_Helpline Twitter page or Official Facebook group!