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BBC iPlayer V2 Closure: Will Your Freeview / Freesat TV or Set Top Box Be Affected?

The BBC has announced that it will be ending support for its older iPlayer software on certain Freeview and Freesat Smart/Connected TVs and Set Top Boxes from September 2016. This might mean that the service will no longer work on your device if it’s running the iPlayer version 2 (or MHEG). The only way around this would unfortunately be by purchasing a new STB which supports the current software.

BBC has said it has done everything it can to keep the software up to date on many hundreds of devices but unfortunately some have not made the cut. The list of those affected by the closure of BBC iPlayer V2 has been provided by the BBC which we have shared below:

Make: Model: Model/Year:
Bush FSAT+500 2014
Bush FSATHD 2014
Bush FSAT+500 2014
Bush BFSAT01HD 2009
Bush 7105 (320GB) 2011
Bush 7105 (500GB) model: BU11FSRHD50 2011
Echostar HDS-600RS 2011
Ferguson F101HDSAT 2010
Goodmans 7105 (500GB) model: GD11FSRHD50 2011
Grundig/Goodmans GFSDTR500HD (500 GB) 2009
Grundig/Goodmans Grundig GUFSAT01HD/GFSAT200HD 2010
Grundig/Goodmans GFSDTR320HD (320GB) 2009
Humax Foxsat HD 2008
Humax Foxsat HDR (320GB/500GB/1TB) 2008
Logik LHDFSAT11 2011
Logik LHDFSAT11 2011
Manhattan Plaza HD-S 2011
Manhattan Plaza HD-S2 2013
Manhattan Plaza HD-S 2011
Manhattan Plaza HDR-S 2012
Manhattan Plaza HD-S2 2013
Panasonic PAL09 2009
Panasonic PAL10 – TX-L37G20B 2010
Panasonic DMR-BS850/DMR-BS750/DMR-XS350 2010
Panasonic PAL08 2008
Panasonic DMT-XS350 2009
Sagem DSI86HD 2009
Sagem DTR94250S/DTR94320S/DTR94500S 2009
Samsung SMT-S7800 (500 GB) 2011
Sony KDL-ssV5800* 2009
Sony KDL-ssW5810* 2009
Sony KDL-ssLX90x* 2010
Sony KDL-ssNX81x* 2010
Sony KDL-ssNX80x* 2010
Sony KDL-ssNX71x* 2010
Sony KDL-ssNX70x* 2010
Sony KDL-ssHX90x* 2010
Sony KDL-ssHX80x* 2010
Sony KDL-ssHX70x* 2010
Sony KDL-ssEX70x* 2010
Sony KDL-ssEX71x* 2010
Sony KDL-ssEX603* 2010
Sony KDL-ssEX605* 2010
Sony KDL-ssEX50x* 2010
Sony KDL-ssEX403* 2010
Sony KDL-ssNX503* 2010
Technisat HDFS 2009

*ss = Screen Size

Source and more information on the closure: BBC iPlayer Help