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BBC Launches iPlayer App for iPhone and iPod Touch – Finally

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The BBC has finally announced the launch of its iPlayer on-demand video streaming service on the iPhone and iPod Touch, in the form of a free app.

With the app you’ll be able to catch up on your favourite BBC programming just as you can through the iPlayer website on your PC or laptop. The BBC has kindly included 3G streaming support too, which means you can stream videos on the go using your mobile network signal, as well as via WiFi at home or in a hotspot.

Though 3G streaming support is great and will prove to be very handy, users are urged to go careful. Streaming video via your mobile connection will gobble up plenty of data, and sooner than you think. We would only recommend doing this very occasionally, unless of course you have an unlimited data plan.

Surprisingly the BBC has left iPhone and iPod Touch users out in the cold for a long time, releasing an iPlayer app for Android devices and Apple’s iPad before creating an iPhone offering. However, the app is now available to download completely free of charge from the Apple App Store.

The app will be compatible with the iPhone 3GS, 4 and 4S as well as the 3rd and 4th generation iPod Touch. AirPlay compatibility is included, so if you have an Apple TV box hooked up to a HDTV, then you can wirelessly beam iPlayer from your iPhone to the big screen.

Both TV and Radio programs can be streamed through the app, with a neat channel switcher built into the app to make flicking between the two quick and easy.

The Beeb has also updated its iPlayer for iPad app to give it both 3G streaming and AirPlay capabilities, bringing it in line with the new iPhone and iPod Touch App.

As long as you have one of the Apple devices mentioned above with software version 4.3 or above installed, you can download the iPlayer app for free from the App Store right now and get watching.

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