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Christmas Gadget Gift Guide: B.I.G Power Hand

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The Gadget Helpline is here to help you with the annual nightmare that comes when trying to find that ideal present for someone special this Christmas! We’ve taken a sneak peak into Santa’s workshop to deliver you with our top tips for great gadget gifts and terrific tech toys in time to bring a smile to someone’s face on the big day!

Ever wanted to put on a massive robot hand and pretend you were Robocop or the Terminator? We did – now kids can imitate their modern mecha heroes like Iron Man by donning the B.I.G Power Hand!

This week’s Christmas pick is again up for grabs through FireBox and allows a child-wearer to slip on a giant gadget appendage which securely fastens with an adjustable strapped inner glove and via the finger controlled mechanism they can pick up, throw and catch a variety of items or share epic bro-fists with fellow Power-Handers!

The B.I.G Power Hand’s spring-loaded joints and opposable thumb function just like a real hand but with a rubberised super grip that won’t let objects hit the deck and you can add extras to your arsenal by attaching laser beams and additional armour. The Power Hand measures 33.5cm in length x 33.5cm in width span x 9cm in depth this increasing the average user’s child-sized digits by threefold and shuns Christmas tradition by requiring absolutely no batteries.

Sadly it won’t let its wearer crush rocks into rubble or break an assailants arm with a single pinch, but it’s still pretty cool and let’s not forget – it’s still just a toy!

The B.I.G Power hand is available through FireBox in the UK for £29.99 and includes free delivery. It gets a big thumbsup from us!

[Sorry lefties and grown-ups, but this one is just for right-handed users and recommended for 6-10 year olds. If you do want to invest in your own robotic adult add-ons you could hit up Kogoro Kurata. He featured in the Gadget Helpline’s semi-retired “Only in Japan” feature and claims he can “make anything” – including some impressive multi-functioning mecha bodysuits!]

In last week’s Christmas Gadget Gift Guide we featured the Crossbow Snow Launcher and Triple Snowball Blaster – both nice additions to the festive fun arsenal!

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