BlackBerry PlayBook will Update to the New BlackBerry 10 OS

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With all the fuss recently surrounding RIM’s new software, BlackBerry 10, existing BlackBerry owners have probably felt a little left in the lurch.

However, if you’re an owner of the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet, fear not as you’ll be eligible to update to BlackBerry 10 once it launches.

The PlayBook is already over a year old, and will be edging towards 2 years old by the time that the new software is launched – RIM has made the software official, announcing it recently at its BlackBerry World event, but hasn’t confirmed when we will see it launch along with new products.

Age won’t stop the PlayBook getting the update though, which is due to the fact that the software it currently runs – PlayBook OS 2.0 – is based on the same QNX software that RIM is using for BlackBerry 10.

Research in Motion confirmed that the PlayBook would be getting BB10 recently in a tweet:

Cascades support for PlayBook will come w/ the PlayBook OS upgrade to BB10, shortly after launch of 1st BB10 smartphone.”

We already had a strong feeling the update would land on the tablet, but we didn’t know when. We now know that it will happen once the first BlackBerry 10 smartphone launches, but again, we don’t know exactly when that will be. During the fourth quarter of the year seems likely, so between October and December.

BlackBerry news site N4BB backs this up, claiming that the first BlackBerry 10 phone will be revealed in August and launched worldwide in October.

The first BlackBerry 10 smartphone will apparently be known as the ‘London’, according to a developer working closely with RIM. We’ve already seen a prototype of this phone leaked online, so we know that it is a stylish and sleek full-touch phone.

We’re excited for BlackBerry 10 after seeing the cool new features demonstrated at BlackBerry World – the camera app and intuitive keyboard are particular favourites of ours. Are you excited about getting BB10 on your PlayBook?

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