Call Of Duty Sales Drop Over 25%

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare was apparently the best selling game this November, a month that usually sees big game sales in the pre Christmas rush. The title reportedly snagged the top spot for another year, although according to analysts the NPD, Call of Duty is still experiencing a decline.

Activision however, have been careful to remind gamers that they’re still dominating game sales in terms of the wider industry, with figures from the company showing Advanced Warfare and Destiny taking the number one and number two spot, with Skylanders also being the most popular title with kids.

Super duper robot suits have made Advanced Warfare a great success.

Call of Duty as a franchise has topped the sales list for November 6 years in a row now, but there is a continuing trend of decline in sales of yearly titles, which has been going on as far back as Modern Warfare 2 which was released all the way back in 2009.

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The trend of decline has been reported from multiple sources, although they do seem to indicate that the core ‘Modern Warfare’ series has enjoyed better sales figures than other more unique titles such as Black Ops and Ghosts.

Meanwhile this year’s Advanced Warfare, whilst still selling strong, generated figures which say that sales of Call of Duty games have fallen 27% from last year. The age of the franchise is beginning to tell – the meteoric rise of Call of Duty from just another early ‘00s war game to household name may have already peaked.

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However, analysis aside, Advanced Warfare is proving to be a popular title for both current and next gen console owners – According to Activision CEO Eric Hirshberg the title did manage to outsell the mixed bag that was last years Call of Duty Ghosts.

Ghosts wasn’t the heavy hitter that Activision expected – however the titles was once again another success story for Call of Duty as a whole.

Whether the Advanced Warfare series will progress and bring Call of Duty back to the forefront of the shooter market is yet to be seen, but from what we’re seeing in the games industry from players and developers, it may not be long before something else just as big comes around.

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