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New Concept Images of Apple’s “Out Of This World” Campus HQ!

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I want to leave a signature campus that expresses the values of the company for generations.” – Steve Jobs


Apple’s application to the Cupertino Council regarding a new sci-fi inspired campus has been bolstered by some new blueprint diagrams and some truly stunning concept artwork for the HQ which is being dubbed the ‘Spaceship’, ‘Spacestation’ and ‘UFO’.

We were in awe at the tech giant’s idea for the massive metal and glass ‘donut’ which would provide a home for Apple’s research and development as well as a host for future Apple product launches. It seemed frankly unreal, and a thing of fantasy. But Apple, like with all their cutting edge gadgets (such as iPhone and iPad), have left nothing to the imagination and have now presented some stunning digital renderings of what the new headquarters for the world’s richest tech co. will look like come 2015, when the building is due to be completed.

In a series of .pdf files submitted to the Cupertino Council and in addition to a new sharper, more defined aerial-view of the giant metal and glass ring we’re granted access ‘inside’ the building and grounds for the first time, with a series of blueprints giving away the lay of the land as well as pedestrian and vehicle entry points. The circle building itself is also featured, including its “Entrance Core”, “Perimeter Circulation” and importantly “Restaurant Dining Area”.

 These complex digital diagrams are mind-bending and resemble the schematics familiar to Star Trek fans – co-incidentally the show inspirational in the creation of Apple’s iPad.

The best part of the newly submitted sales-pitch for Apple’s new HQ is the series of beautiful renderings of what the campus could look like “for real”. Artistically placed within an eco-system complimented by six-thousand species of trees and shrubbery, the alien-looking structure looks in harmony with its environment, with workers posed entering the building for work, as well as resting in the serene scenery. Apple’s campus is shaping up to be a truly inspirational workplace.

At the initial presentation to the Cupertino Council back in June, the late great Steve Jobs, at the time as the company’s CEO said “Apple is growing like a weed” with the widespread of iPad and iPhone and commented on the designs which would accommodate for approximately 12,000 WWDC attendees, also “boost the city’s tax dollars, and should be great news for local businesses” – when the circular structure is slated to land in Cupertino – the Californian home city of Apple Inc.

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