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Cortana for Microsoft Band 2 is Now Supported on Android Phones

Finally Android smartphone owners will be able to speak their mind to their Microsoft Band 2 thanks to a new update and Cortana support for the Google mobile OS.

Microsoft’s voice assistant software Cortana is basically it’s version of Apple’s Siri and was previously only available to owners of the Microsoft Band if their synced smart device ran its own Windows Phone operating system – thus limiting it to smartphones such as those in the Lumia brand.

Android users (initially in the U.S) who own Microsoft’s second gen fitness wearable will now enjoy verbal access to not only activity progress but also notifications, event reminders and also the ability to answer questions and also get answers from the web. There’s also the added benefit of social networking to set up friendly challenges through the Microsoft Band and your Android device.

Cortana’s advance on Android (and indeed iOS) has been gradual, having officially launched recently on the Google Platform, which is now supporting one of the most popular fitness gadgets on the market.

It’s also interesting to note that this comes in the wake of all those job cuts last week in the Nokia phones department at Microsoft. Microsoft might be taking a hiatus on making its own phones but it’s still racing ahead when it comes to putting out software and making it accessible to anyone who wants it.

For more info on Cortana and how to set it up with your Microsoft Band and connected devices visit Microsoft Support for Using Cortana.