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Could The iPhone 7 Really Ditch The Standard Headphone Port?

With the continuing miniaturization, or even ‘thinification’ of smartphones, as you could call it, it’s not all that much of a surprise that a rumor has been circulating that Apple are to forgo the traditional headphone jack in favor if the thinner, smaller Lightning port. It makes a lot of sense form the point of view of the engineer or the phone designer. The older port is somewhat thick if you really want to get technical, but for consumers and lovers of music and third party headphones it does seem somewhat of a low blow.

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As it’s only the start of the year we cannot say for certain how the inevitable next iPhone model will turn out, or even if the rumors are true, but it doesn’t seem like too much of an unlikely concept. The classic port for headphones offers compatibility with absolutely every headphone, but the 3.5 millimeter size nowadays seems too thick… in theory at least.

Of course, a converter does exist to bring regular headphones into the lightning port era, but those converters would set most back a small amount, and rumors fro m online source Fast Company also say that Apple might even sell the phone without headphones, forcing users to buy their own, or a converter, just to listen to music on the device.

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Third party audio headset makers are able to make headphones compatible with the port, of course, it’s not like Apple truly holds a monopoly on devices that can input into a socket, but again, it is somewhat of a questionable decision. You either have to shell out for a converter or face buying headphones you can’t plug in anywhere else.

No matter what, it does seem that if the rumor is true you’ll end up spending more money, although admittedly a thinner phone is always more desirable in today’s market. Rumors will always be rumors, but given Apple’s track record of stubbornly adhering to their newer principles of using more modern ports, the trend might just become a permanent one in future. We’ll have to see as the year progresses.

Via: Fastcompany

Via: Techspot