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Deliveroo Will Now Courier Alcohol To Your Door

Let’s get one thing out of the way before we kick this article off: Please drink responsibly.

Okay great, now that’s done, here’s a great new way to get booze delivered to your door, from the amazing food delivery team known as Deliveroo. If you live in a somewhat affluent area with a nominal Yuppie population, you may have seen these intrepid food carriers delivering means on two wheels at blinding speeds.

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Deliveroo are now offering eaters, or in this case drinkers, the opportunity to deliver alcohol only care packages to their door, teaming up with Majestic Wines, BrewDog and a host of high flying independent merchants to bring you the finest beverages of the alcoholic nature that can be carried on a moped.

Beers and wines can all make it to your door, but even more exciting is that they can actually bring you cocktails. As experienced drinkers (tech support is stressful) we’re honestly excited at the potential prospect of a bloke arriving at the door on a Tuesday night with a bucket of tequila sunrises.

Not all heroes wear capes.

Bear in mind that there is no tolerance for underage drinking in the UK. Those teenagers you’ve seen huffing Special Brew on street corners are breaking the law, and literally should not be there. With that in mind, Deliveroo can and will ID you on delivery if you have the good skin of someone under 25. Good luck.

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Once you place your order Deliveroo says it can have it to your door in record time – although it looks like the service for alcohol only is limited to London for the time being, but according to the company their couriers can pick up whatever you order from a local store and have it at your house in 20 minutes.

Check this out now at the Deliveroo website and put in your postcode. You should find a drop down menu on the right hand side showing what types of food are on offer in your area – see if you can find beer, wine, or craft beer (the expensive kind). Try it yourself.

Via: Business Insider

Source: Deliveroo