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Ford DAB integration is coming – on the road as early as 2012

Ford plan to be miles ahead of the competition when the digital radio switchover begins by integrating Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB) into all of its car range beginning in 2012.

The upcoming new Ford Focus will be the first equipped with the DAB feature as standard, with all new models following becoming digitally enabled. Ford hope that in the next 18 months the whole fleet will be covered by digital technology and ready well in advance for the full switchover in 2015.

Addressing concerns that they are putting their foot down way too soon, Ford state – “There are technical issues to overcome because, for instance, traffic alerts are broadcast only in FM at the moment, but we are confident we can achieve our goal”.

Ford appear outspokenly positive that this early DAB integration will allow them to take the fast lane when it comes to the digital radio revolution. A vast range of worldwide programming and no annoying static while driving– sounds good!

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