Angry Birds Magic Places rewards you based on your location

Angry Birds Magic Places is set to join everyone’s favourite bird-flinging mobile game series shortly, bringing new goodies and rewards to Angry Birds addicts.

Magic Places aims to reward players with level unlocks, rewards and bonuses related to their GPS location.  The makers of the game, Rovio Mobile, will determine exactly where these Magic Places are, and if you’re playing the game within proximity of a “Magic Place”, you’ll be rewarded in-game. Rovio say that one of the first Magic Places rewards will be the level-clearing Mighty Eagle.

Magic Places is the second stage to Rovio’s new Magic platform. Angry Birds Magic will be coming to Nokia mobiles firstly, and will be a pre-loaded game on the Nokia C7. Owners of the handset will be able to “bump” their phones together in order to make the magic happen. By doing so, both phones will get new unlocked levels. Pretty cool!

Rovio have confirmed that Magic Places is not a whole new game; it is a new experience which will be available with all existing Angry Birds games. However, with Magic Places relying on a GPS receiver to give you rewards, iPod Touch and Wi-Fi only iPad users will miss out on the goodies.

While the idea of Magic Places sounds very cool, just who is going to go looking for these Magic Places? The only way we see anyone utilising Magic Places is if they whipped out the game while waiting in a queue at one of these places, so more of a by chance thing.

Would you go hunting for a Magic Place to get your hands on some Angry Birds goodies? Let us know by leaving a comment or by tweeting us @Gadget_Helpline