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Gamestation recreates Nativity with bizarre display featuring gaming faves

The Gadget Helpline loves gaming. We also love celebrating the birth of the Baby Jesus – Mainly because we get new games to play with! But UK retailer Gamestation has gone and proven why this is the only exception where the two universes should crossover by creating this bizarre and somewhat frightening representation of the Nativity featuring some of our favourite gaming characters.

Away in a manger sits Sackboy. Famous mascot for Playstation 3 title Little Big Planet disturbingly positioned as the Little Lord Jesus himself. To his right shoulder stands a virginal mother Mary, in this perverse scene portrayed by The Legend of Zelda’s title princess. The future Sony saviour is flanked to his left by a crude and intimidating simile of Gears of War hero Marcus Fenix as a heavily armed Joseph – of course, packing non-traditional Lancer Assault Rifle.

Elsewhere in the truly weird Christmas interpretation, a misshapen paper-mache Mario and a startled looking Obi-Wan Kenobi from Star Wars (we think?) both present the babe with gifts, whilst Metal Gear Solid’s Snake pops up for good measure. Nintendo dino Yoshi and SEGA speedster Sonic also feature – casually lounging around with no interest in the arrival of the new born King.

The crazy take on the Nativity is set within the familiar stable setting of festive school plays gone by and is topped off by a Power-Up-inspired Star of Bethlehem. We’re actually kind of surprised they aren’t referring to it as the Star of Bethesda-lehem!      

Gamestation took a survey of 30,000 gamers to find out which popular characters should appear in the shambolic scene and the retailer tells us that the naff Nativity “celebrates Christmas in a way that is relevant to the gaming generation.”

The cringe-worthy Crimbo display is sure to cost Gamestation a 1-UP with church-going gamers and we’d suggest that they stick to what they do best – delivering sweet gaming deals to stuff our stockings!

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