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Tesco details ‘innovative’ digital movie service using Clubcard

Tesco is set to roll out “a groundbreaking innovation” in the digital streaming movies market by utilising its popular Clubcard scheme and its major shareholder stake in video-on-demand company Blinkbox.

Found in all of the UK grocery stores as well as the online store, the Clubcard is linked to a registered account and is typically used for harvesting points for much desired goodies and services available through the supermarket chain. Tesco’s new plan will push the boundaries of the scheme and employ the Clubcard as a key to online streaming movies through PC, Mac, Playstation 3 and Smart TVs from the likes of Samsung and LG.

All you need to do to enjoy Blinkbox hosted movies is to fork out for a ‘physical’ DVD or Blu-Ray copy of a top movie and be sure to scan your Clubcard when paying. Your choice of movie will then be added to a Blinkbox library. Once away from your living room, you can fire up a laptop or eligible portable gadget and by entering your Clubcard details at Blinkbox your movie will become available to stream at no extra cost (Presumably you will need to also register an account with Blinkbox.)

Many DVD and Blu-Ray distributors already offer digital copies with a purchase, so Tesco may be a little late in joining the trend. The supermarket does however have a great starting line-up, with Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2, The Hangover 2 and Transformers: Dark of the Moon all set to kick start the digital partnership with Blinkbox – and just in time for Christmas!

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