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Google Developing Android for Virtual Reality

Google’s vision for VR could soon include a version of Android specifically designed for the interactive visual media.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Google is looking at dedicating an entire mobile OS just for virtual reality use, with a team of dozens already working in secret on developing the platform which is being referred to as Android for VR.

Google is expected to offer its developments up to the major players in mobile tech manufacturing so that Android for VR can be integrated into new handsets and might become a standard in its own right just like its regular Android OS which is current rolling out version 5.1.

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The recent Mobile World Congress confirmed that virtual reality is getting a major resurgence, two decades after it was marketed for gaming. But the current VR experience on Android smartphones is dependent on the steadily growing range of apps that are available through the Google Play store. Users can immerse themselves in 3D and 360 degree video, games and other interactive media.

A number of Android devices such as the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy Note 4 already offer a virtual reality experience through Samsung’s wearable Gear VR and Google recently partnered with LG to package its flagship G3 smartphone with Cardboard – an affordable DIY head mounted display that attaches to many Android smartphones which Google is using to re-introduce the modern world to virtual reality and making it accessible to anyone.

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It costs next-to-nothing to make a Cardboard headset following steps online and it now looks like this may be Google’s way of setting the hook before launching Android into a new dimension.

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