Google Maps Introduces Safe Routes for Cyclists

After the recent inclusions of river and canal paths and a number of indoor locations Google will again update its direction and location software – this time to advise the safest routes for cyclists.

Using information from the National Cycle Network paths, bike lanes and warnings of steep inclines have been accounted for and introduced in the latest update which becomes available to download today on Android smartphones and tablets and a new bicycle tab has been added next to the familiar direction options for driving, walking and public transport. PC users can also hop onto Google Maps via the web and get up to speed with the newest feature by that route.

Cyclist feedback is begin encouraged as interestingly some of the path introduced in the update to Google Maps have actually been deemed as unsafe and the internet and software giant is working in tandem with Sustrans – the pioneer of the ‘Safe Routes’ concept in the UK, to be sure no one’s journey goes awry!

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