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Google Maps Offline Mode Arrives on Android

One of Google’s most valuable and widely used global tools Google Maps is now available with an offline mode, allowing navigation and additional location based information services in areas bereft of connectivity.

The Google Maps app has always been restricted by its connectivity requirements which have often been a hindrance, especially if you’re out and about and hit a 3G or Wi-Fi blackspot – the app would simply load nothing beyond the last section of map it was on, nor would it be able to track your movements due to loss and GPS and simply leave you lost without a hint.

The new offline mode changes this for the better and will allow users to download useful bits of Google Maps, give them a custom name and add them as ‘Offline Areas’ for reference when out of signal range. This means you can access not only the map you need itself, but also directions, information and ratings specific about locations and places of interest within your downloaded map selection. When you select a section of map to download you’ll even be advised how much data storage the download will require.

An offline mode for Google Maps is a long overdue addition and Android users will of course get priority. Users of the Google mobile OS will begin to find their app updated from today as the new options are gradually rolled out across most current smart devices.

Apple iPhone users will also get the offline mode at a later date and Google promises this is just the start for the Maps offline mode with more features becoming available for it in the future. It’s definitely a step in the right direction.

Source: Official Google Blog