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Google Opens Full Time Division For Glass

As a project of Google’s, Google Glass has moved in leap and bounds from the very basic tests that began in the experimental Google X labs just shy of three years ago. The heads up display slash glasses combo is now moving into more permanent  production, as Google has formally created a Google Glass division within their own company. It might be a simple administrative shakeup, but this means that the project is now a full-time Google product, as opposed to an experiment.

The team behind Glass are being overseen by former Nest Labs boss Tony Fadell, who Google persuaded to get on board following the purchase of the home automation company for $3.2 billion last year. Fadell is the next man up in the newly formed administrative chain from current and continuing Glass project head Ivy Ross, as fashion designer put in charge of Glass prior to the shakeup.

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Many changes are expected to come out of the change of structure within Google, and for starters the Google Glass Explorer Program which started over two years ago is coming to an end, meaning that Google Glass units will no longer be for sale for the time being. It seems that the proof of concept is good enough for Google at this point, and now a newer, better Google Glass will be developed in a more official capacity within the company.

What the next edition of the glasses could look like, as patented by Google.

Following an apparent lull in consumer and media interest in Google Glass, some had thought that the device had been shelved prior to these new developments, as Google have slowed down on promotion of the device of late. But from what we can tell from the new shakeup this could mean that a second, more in-depth and complicated development cycle for a new Google Glass may now begin in earnest,

Indeed, headlines are commenting and exclaiming that for now, in its current for, Google Glass is ‘dead’, but in no way is the ending of sales of the device the end of the road for the wearable – which formed some of the earliest foundations of Android Wear. Google Glass is very, very likely to return, especially as other companies such as Sony have debuted their own ‘smart glasses’ at tech conferences.

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This isn’t much of a comfort for those ‘explorers’ who shelled out the $1500 for the original version, which did not end up evolving into a more complex product. The device in question is now apparently obsolete, a proof of concept and a pioneering first push into a new industry that Google one day hopes to make a big impact in.

The wait is on for the next version of Google Glass to arrive or be previewed, but without a shadow of a doubt the creation of a new department within Google and the addition of Fadell to the administrative hierarchy is an indicator for future development, and a possible new, better, smarter model. Watch this space, we’ll stay on the pulse with this one.

Via: BBC News

Via: Techspot