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Google Photo Sphere Comes to iOS

Google’s intelligent photo app, known as Photo Sphere, has made it to iOS, previously only being available for Android. The app originally launched as far back as when Android 4.2 Jelly Bean was around, with the main feature of the clever software being to create panoramic shots using the smartphone’s rear camera.

Photo Sphere uses the device’s gyroscope to correctly determine the orientation of the device, meaning as shots are taken it can piece each image together into a large panoramic collage. You can use Photo Sphere to create these panoramic collages in just about any direction, as the app allows you to move the phone up, down, left, or right during shooting.

Now iPhone owners can also reap the benefits of this cool app, through a newly released version of Photo Sphere on the app store, titled Photo Sphere Camera. Just like the version on Android, Photo Sphere camera lets you take a 360 degree photo by capturing an stitching together multiple images as they’re shot.

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Photo Sphere is a great way of capturing panorama views, from places like mountain summits.

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Then, to view the final image, you just have to move the phone around and the content will be displayed. It’s just like being in the place where the photo was taken, with the entire view of the surrounding landscape saved. Not quite a hologram, but close enough.

Photo Sphere Camera comes in the nick of time, as allegedly Google+ Photos could become a standalone service over the next few months. Reports are coming in that the service could be updated for standalone use by non Google+ users, making the program’s editing and storage features available to all, even non Android owners.

In the light of the meagre successes of Google+ it seems like Google isn’t letting some of the best features go to waste for those of us who gave their social network the old thumbs down. On top of the already standalone Google+ Hangouts video calling feature, we may also see some of the other bit and pieces from Google+ soon, released in the same way as Photo Sphere Camera.

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Via: TechCrunch