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iPhone game DoodleJump coming to Kinect for Xbox 360

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The top selling iPhone application of all time, DoodleJump, is due to make the ‘jump’ (sorry) to Xbox 360 and Kinect in the near future.

Lima Sky, the developers of DoodleJump, have unveiled plans to bring the massively popular game to Xbox users as an Xbox Arcade game which will work with Microsoft’s record-breaking accessory, Kinect for Xbox 360.

They have also announced that there will be a big update to the original iOS version of the game, bringing with it multiplayer capabilities on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

DoodleJump has just surpassed 10 million paid downloads through app stores on various platforms. “After such incredible first two years, it is safe to say Doodle Jump has exceeded even our wildest imaginations,” said Lima Sky founder, Igor Pusenjak.

“We are looking forward to bringing even more amazing content to millions of Doodle Jump fans around the world.”

I for one, am extremely excited to play DoodleJump on my Xbox. I can’t help but wonder how daft you might look playing the game with Kinect though..