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Meet the AndyPad tablet – A bargain Android tablet made in the UK!

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A UK manufacturer has been secretly developing a bargain basement Android tablet over the last year, designed to take the crowded market by storm.

Forget your iPad 2s, your Motorola Xooms and even your HTC Flyer Tabs, meet the AndyPad tablet. Manufacturers AndyPad have just announced pricing for the tablet after keeping it hush hush for quite some time, and you won’t believe it after reading the specifications!

The AndyPad Tablet is 7-inches in size, akin to the Blackberry Playbook, and it runs on Android 2.3 (that’s Gingerbread). It’s by no means a slowcoach either – the AndyPad tablet runs from a 1.2GHz ARM Cortex A8 processor, making it pretty damn quick. It features support for MicroUSB and MicroSD for expandable storage, Wi-Fi connectivity, tons of preloaded apps such as Facebook and Twitter, and even a full-sized HDMI out port capable out outputting video at Full HD (1080p) quality.

An impressive specifications sheet, but what's the cost?

Any guesses at the price? The AndyPad tablet will cost just £129 in the UK (that’s around $209 US). Never mind paying £479 for the Xoom or £399 for the iPad 2, pocket the extra money and buy some apps to go with your AndyPad tablet! You’ll still have plenty leftover even after that we’re sure.

Speaking of the AndyPad tablet and its target market, Andy Pad Business Development Executive George Eastmead had this to say:

“The Andy Pad is primarily aimed at the younger generation. There are so many poor quality tablets out there that don’t fulfil the job they set out to achieve. What we’re doing with the Andy Pad is providing a tablet computer that can run the 3D games and output HD video at a competitive price.”

Would you consider getting an Android tablet for your kids at this price? Perhaps you’d consider treating yourself to one! Let us know if you’re interested in the AndyPad tablet via our Twitter and Facebook pages.

If you’d like to learn more about the AndyPad tablet, you can check out their website here.