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Microsoft Surface Pro 2 December Update – Take 2

Following an update released on the 10th December there have been a number of issues suffered by Surface Pro2 users. Namely, decreased battery life, standby and wake issues – making it behave more like the original Surface Pro! Microsoft did withdraw this update but unfortunately not in time for some users who had already downloaded the patch and have had to live with the problems created by the update over the last month – essentially, rendering their Pro2 useless.

Now for some good news: Microsoft are releasing an update that will rectify these issues while providing the original intended benefits. This update should be rolled out very shortly and be accessible for all users within the next week.

The original benefits included improved system stability, optimised trackpad use and enhanced audio via a display port 1.2 device. These improvements will now be accessible and can be enjoyed in full thanks to the battery life returning to its former glory with the new update.

Pro 2 users rejoice!