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Netflix I-Land, It’s Not Battle Royale though, honest!

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Netflix I-Land, launching on the streaming service in the near future. It is vaunted as being a cross between Battle Royale and Lost. To many gamer eyes though, this is akin to Player Unknowns Battlegrounds and other games of its ilk.

Expect to see a survival of the fittest kind of show. The cast who get stranded on the island will need to adapt fast grabbing what they land by to help them through to the finish.

Netflix I-Land

The trailer for the show tells us exactly what we need to know,  plot-wise anyway.

I-Land seems to be a place in the sun. Somewhere to get away and have fun. The public will have seen it advertised for a while in the media, the hype is real! Punters will apply expecting fun, festivity and island adventure. What they actually get will be a world away from it.

Just like PUBG (Player Unknowns Battlegrounds), players are dropped off randomly on an island. It could be a fight to the death from start to finish. Unlike the games though, the ten people on the island have no memory of what took place before arriving there, similar to Lost.

Hopefully, unlike Lost, the plot is already nailed down and iron clad. Because, good endings are just as important as good beginnings.

So, going by the trailer, there seems to be a control system in place. Security seem to have many cameras across the island. Very similar to  Hunger Games, which is really a slightly different version of Battle Royale, the Japanese film.

The show does not look to be a carbon copy. It may be that the people trapped are allowed to band together, unlike the film and games.

Our guess? An evil rich genius has created this as a plaything. Most of the people at the start will have died before the end of the show. Therefore, many unexpected surprises as memories begin to surface. 

We  look forward with interest in where it goes!

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