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Nokia file patent on dual-screen 2D/3D smartphone?

Nokia has filed patent on an “autostereoscopic rendering and display apparatus” – a dual-screen gadget which would bring 3D technology into the Nokia range and take the three-dimensional experience on mobile devices to a whole new level.

Rivals LG and HTC are already manufacturing 3D displays as we speak but the patent taken by Nokia looks to be something much more special. If made a reality, a flip-open dual-panel device would deliver both 2D and 3D images with a series of cameras to capture eye level and movement to provide a true 3D experience with shadowing and gesture sensing.

The details of what this thing is or what Nokia project it’s heading toward are next to none but the little bit of info we’ve seen is certainly something quite exciting.  We hope to hear more about this interesting little gadget very soon!

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Source: World Intellectual Property Organization