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Nokia and Monster Partnership Coming – Monster Headphones with Nokia Phones?

It would appear that HTC aren’t the only mobile phone manufacturer who wants to bundle premium headphones and audio technology with their phones, as adverts showing a partnership between Nokia and Monster have surfaced.

Monster are the mother company of Beats Audio, the company that HTC acquired several months back for $300 in order to add their premium headphones and audio technology to new smartphones such as the HTC Sensation XE.

The rather loud advert above shows what could be the first fruit of Nokia and Monster’s partnership – a set of over-ear headphones made by Monster, dubbed the Nokia Purity HD Stereo Headset.

These ‘phones bear a resemblance to the Beats Audio headphones, mostly due to the same solid glossy headband. We can see both Monster and Nokia branding, though no cables. Could these be wireless Bluetooth headphones for future Nokia smartphones like the Sea Ray and Sabre?

As our source, PocketNow, points out, there’s a very obvious vibe coming from this advert and partnership. Nokia and their phones just aren’t seen as “cool” anymore, but Monster headphones and a link to Beats Audio is. Is Nokia trying to rebrand itself as a cool phone manufacturer to keep up with Apple and HTC?

At present there’s no further information on this partnership, but we’re expecting to hear more officially at the Nokia World event at the end of this month.

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