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Nokia x3-02 Touch and Type – An Interactive Guide to your Vodafone Symbian S40 Phone

Whether you’ve been deliberating on getting a Nokia x3-02 Touch and Type mobile phone or you already own one, the expert team at Vodafone have launched an excellent interactive online manual on everything you could possibly want to know about the phone.

The interactive Guide will run you through many of the Nokia and Symbian operating system and its main features including Ovi Maps, Ovi Store and Using Chat.

Not only does this comprehensive Nokia x3-02 Touch and Type manual run you through the phone specs, it also has step by step guides to all its mobile phones features and a handy simulator and will allow users to capture a 360 degree view of the phone with an interactive button tour.

Click the image below to launch the interactive guide:

Overview of the interactive guide contents:

  • Explore the Device
    Take a look at the phone in all its glory by using the interactive 360 degree viewer with handy button and features guides. Have fun with your PC mouse by clicking the interactive image viewer to give you a taste of the Nokia x3-02 Touch and Type from various angles both with and without the Keyboard expanded.
  • Phone Specification
    Mobile phone specifications are usually a technical minefield, however the Nokia x3-02 Touch and Type specification helps you answer some of the common questions posing many Symbian owners, such as how do I setup Facebook on the Nokia x3-02 Touch and Type  using Ovi Maps on the phone?
  • Getting Started
    Getting a new handset can be a bit strenuous but with this full guide you can get help on Setting up the phone for the first time, Inserting and removing a memory card and SIM card and turning on the Nokia x3-02 Touch and Type handset.
  • Phones Main Features
    Get to grips with the phone’s features and follow the step by step guide on how to access and browse the internet and very importantly how to use and download form the Ovi Store and 360 App Shop.
  • Phone FAQ’s
    Although the comprehensive interactive guide should have provided you with the knowhow of all the phones specs, features and usability, there may be some questions still left unanswered. View the Nokia x3-02 Touch and Type ‘s Frequently Asked Questions section to assist you more.

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