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“Occupy Flash” urges for removal of Adobe Flash Player

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A web group has set out to destroy Adobe Flash and remove its use from personal computers, tablets, mobiles and the internet. The group is calling themselves Occupy Flash, after the recent wave of Occupy protestors (or “trendy students”) causing disruption on Wall Street and other places of capitalist celebration.


The Adobe plug-in is the primary used software to play videos and animations online through our tech gadgets and was famously put down by Apple’s late CEO Steve Jobs as being “too unopen” and lacking in security. Adobe has recently begun stopping its development of Flash for a number of devices including Apple iPhone and will terminate its service with Google for Android in the next few months. RIM, however, wants to keep hold off the dated software and use it as an exclusive hook to get tablet buyers onto the failing BlackBerry PlayBook. But cutting development on the multimedia player is clearly not enough for the Occupy Flash movement. They want it gone!

In a statement, the Occupy Flash group addresses what we’re all wondering: “Why, you ask? Why does it matter, when Adobe has already neutered the platform by publicly killing Flash on mobile devices? Why does it matter when HTML5 has clearly won the fight for the future of our web browsing? Well, as we’ve seen with other outdated web technologies…as long as software is installed on machines, there will be a contingent of decision makers who mandate its use, and there will be a requirement of continued support, the plugin will live on, and folks will continue to develop for it.”

Occupy Flash wants Adobe to accept HTML5, with its multimedia embedded code, as the one and only standard, and will stop at nothing to get the web-using public to see things their way! 

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