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Pokemon Go Plus Wearable Delayed Until September

The eagerly awaited next step in the Pokémon Go craze is set to be a wearable gadget called the Pokémon Go Plus. The Bluetooth enabled device straps around the trainer’s wrist and pairs with a smartphone and with vibration and LED light it indicates when a pocket monster or Pokémon Go related event is nearby. Exciting stuff – but the must-have accessory has caught a slight hitch rather than a Pikachu.

Pre-ordering customers have received an email from the Nintendo Store UK today advising that they will no longer be getting the Pokémon Go Plus before the end of July as expected and instead the product will now ship later in September.

Nintendo, who are not the actual developer of the app, has also confirmed elsewhere that the delay of the Plus gadget will not impact the release of the Pokemon Go app in the remaining parts of the world who are yet to get it on their Android and iOS devices.

Our main concern with the delay is that despite the game’s appeal right now (the thing is a globally successful phenomenon) will there still be the desire to play in three months’ time? It’s already been reported that in regions where the app is currently available, installations and activations have begun to decline in number over the first few weeks of availability – which is to be expected, but the fact it’s such a noticeable dip could indicate that the Pokémon Go fad will soon fade. It’s simply inevitable.

Nintendo is apologising for the delay and is giving its customers the option to continue with their Pokémon Go Plus order, or to withdraw the order if they would like to, with a full refund given. Currently the product is unavailable on the Nintendo Store with an ‘out of stock’ message appearing there and the info page for it is no longer available either. We’ll try to keep our readers updated on this and any other Pokémon Go news.

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