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Reason for LG Watch Urbane 2 Recall Revealed

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After heralding the world’s first LTE-enabled Android Wear smartwatch just a couple of weeks ago, LG recently made the shock decision to pull the anticipated LG Watch Urbane 2nd Edition from its market release.

This unfortunate and sudden decision by the South Korean mobile manufacturer left us scratching our heads with our bare wristed hands, wondering what went wrong and when we might see this promising product again. Details were vague as to the reason for the LG Watch Urbane 2’s withdraw from sale but it was insinuated that a hardware issue was to blame.

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Just days after LG has now revealed a bit more info on the situation to the UK business paper The Telegraph:

During aggressive testing over thousands of hours under severe conditions, it was revealed that this component failed to meet LG’s quality standards and could potentially impact our image quality over the life of the device.”

What is further suggested in The Telegraph’s article is that this fault would mean the length of time an image stays on the display the more likely it will cause a ‘ghost’ image that will be permanently etched onto the screen for the rest of its lifespan. This is most unexpected and disappointing setback for LG which we hope can be resolved and pre-orders can be fulfilled at some point in the near future. However no date has yet been given.

This harkens back to Apple’s woes early in the year in April when its first wave of Apple Watch was troubled but a dodgy ticker. It’s hard not to see Tim Cook and his empire filled with glee and watching tongue in cheek at the misfortune of LG, the company that looked to put the Apple Watch on notice with the connectivity capabilities of the Urbane 2nd Edition.

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Source: The Telegraph