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Rovio confirms Angry Birds spin-off game called “Bad Piggies”

Rovio has confirmed they are indeed making a brand new Spinoff to the Angry birds franchise of games but this time the focus will be seen from them dastardly Piggies point of view.

“Bad Piggies” was announced on Tuesday by the mobile gaming Giants and the new App game will launch on the 27 September for iOS, Android and Mac with Windows Phone, Windows 8 and PC versions will follow shortly.

Petri Jarvilehto, EVP Games at Rovio made a statement regarding the games:

“This innovative game turns the franchise on its head by letting the fans play as the pigs – with all new, never-before-seen gameplay – and not a slingshot in sight!” confirmed the Finnish company.? “There’s a lot of empathy towards the lovable enemies from the Angry Birds games, and we’ve been constantly asked: what about the pigs’ side of the story?”

Check out the Teaser video below:



There may be a twist in the tail for the Angry Birds saga later this year – flipping the bird and putting play in the POV of those pesky porkers!

Fellow tech site Pocket-lint dropped the bombshell that sometime before Christmas Rovio will release its next Angry Birds game and for the first time we get to aid the plight of the pigs getting involved in their egg stealing ways. The game sounds like it will be a mirror of the familiar games we’re already addicted to on Android smartphone and tablets, Apple iPhone and iPad, as well as BlackBerry devices – and will put the pigs in the ‘pult.

Just like the nippy yellow bird, the big red bird and the black bomber bird, each pig will have its own unique strength and abilities to topple the structures and platforms which this time will be protecting the birds themselves for a bacon bashing!

Strategy puzzle game Angry Birds has huge worldwide appeal with over one-billion apps downloaded across mobile platforms in just over two years – and how could we ignore the massive crossover media assault into the social web, the toy market with a movie and animated series on the way. Can we really imagine similar success for a pig-based spin-off?

Will you sympathise with the peevish Pigs – or do your allegiances lie with the Angry Birds?

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Source: Pocket-lint