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Samsung 55-inch glasses-free 3D TV is coming – Somewhen!

Samsung seem to have gotten a little bit ahead of themselves recently, unveiling plans for a glasses-free 55-inch 3D TV at a recent Chinese trade show. The Korean tech titan has now taken a step back from the ambitious claim by saying the technology to make this happen won’t even be ready for several years.

Samsung appeared at the trade show promoting the goggle-less 3D TV, demoing a prototype of the sizable screen with LED backlighting,  which sets the buzz for an anticipated home version release.  They were not forthcoming however on how far along the technology to do this was and when it would be available in our living rooms.

With rival Toshiba making its own claim of glasses-free 3D TV as soon the end of this year, it seems Samsung were just making its presence known and letting us know they are running ahead of the pack. Making a very ambiguous claim without any proof that the goods could be delivered – Oops!

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