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Skype 5.5 goes live with Facebook Chat integrated

Skype Five Point Five has gone live – and it’s not come alone!  All your Facebook mates will be there with you as this time Skype integrates the instant messaging of Facebook Chat for the first time.

Version 5.5 Beta for Windows is now available through the Skype website and due to user feedback the video and chat software comes with a sharp new control bar and some visual adjustments such as the call hold screen – but most importantly Skype now brings the Facebook element in as a key feature – via a contacts tab which opens up your available friends list allowing IM chat away from your web browser, without even needing to have an open Facebook window.

The new Skype 5.5 update is the first full version since October saw 5.0 launched. We’ve had a few tweaks along the way, mainly due to the software’s tendancy to shut itself down whenever it fancies! But were sure Microsoft’s new baby has those bugs squashed by now – right?

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