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Sony Executive ‘VR is Gaming’s Future’

Speaking to Pocket Lint in a recent interview, Sony Worldwide Studios head Shuhei Yoshida outlined that the next phase in adapting games to incorporate modern controls and input systems is getting the Playstation 4 working together with Sony’s upcoming ‘Project Morpheus’ virtual reality headset.

Playstation Move apparently didn’t fare as expected.

Yoshida is adamant that the days of conventional camera and sensor input ‘motion gaming’ are decidedly over, with the removal of Kinect for Xbox, plus the mediocre successes of Playstation Move.

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“Motion gaming was a big thing but, like with social games, dance games, music or guitar games, I don’t think there’s a lot of appetite for another motion game at this moment,” he said.

“However, what we are realising ourselves is that PS Move was a bit ahead of its time – a precise and accurate 3D input device. We were very excited about the possibility of using 3D positional tracking to make games, but it’s really hard to do so with a regular 2D screen.”

“So now we are realising that when we do Project Morpheus the one thing you want to do immediately is interact with an object in virtual space, and the one way to do that is that you need a 3D positioning input device, like PS Move.”

“The one big feature that the PS Camera offers people now is the ability to stream themselves. People enjoy that. And it’s not just people streaming through PlayRoom, but people streaming their gameplay understand that viewers enjoy watching more if they put their cameras on their faces along with commentary. That’s the driving feature for the camera now,” Yoshida explained.

Project Morpheus in action.

“And Project Morpheus requires the camera. So when we have that ready for launch, more people will be interested to have PlayStation Camera.”

So, the next big thing, and this is from the horse’s mouth here, is the Project Morpheus virtual reality headset, coupled with the Playstation camera. Virtual reality gaming is getting closer and closer each day, with conventions, game executives and early adopters alike all clamouring for the inclusion of the feature in the latest games.

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From what we’ve seen from upcoming showcases of next gen game engines such as Unreal Engine 4, photorealistic environments are about to blow up in the gaming kingdom, and, combined with ultra immersive VR headsets, the virtual world of The Matrix might be closer to reality than previously thought.

I mean, it is called Project Morpheus…

Source: Pocket Lint

Via: Polygon