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Sony PS Vita Preps For Japan Launch – Denies Web-Browsing Whilst Gaming

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Sony is preparing to launch its Next Generation Portable – the PS Vita – in just 12 days time in the company’s homeland of Japan. We’re excited to finally see the handheld in action, even if we here in the UK won’t get to grips with one until February 22nd. But a slightly disappointing issue comes today involving the PS Vita’s multi-tasking between gaming and web-browsing.

Essentially not a ‘biggy’, but still a backwards step, this will deny the PS Vita players the ability to flip between a game in progress and the internet. So this means pressing the PS button mid-play will offer no quick fix browsing to grab the latest tips for tricky games such as Uncharted: Golden Abyss or Fallout while the game is also running in the background.

We’d have thought that a browse-within-pause option would be a given, but it doesn’t seem the case. This isn’t a “no-sell” for the gaming gadget but certainly is a little disappointing and sets the portable back from a previous claim that with the addition of web browsing and voice and video calling through Skype the PS Vita could emerge as the true ‘Playstation Phone’.

The PS Vita advert appeared a few weeks ago and the former “NGP” will surface in the Far East on December 17th boasting quad-core speeds, 3G connectivity on a 5” OLED multi-touch screen as well as traditional Playstation control functions. We detailed the outward aesthetics of the PS Vita in a previous article, which you can re-view here. The UK and Europe get the anticipated second gen Sony gaming gadget on February 22nd 2012.

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