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Steve Jobs: A Memorial Through Memorabilia

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The Gadget Helpline was saddened to hear of the departure of Co-Founder, Chairman and Pop Culture “iCon” – the Steve Jobs – as CEO of Apple Inc. We feel that as a fitting tribute to his memory we would remind our readers of some of the fantastically tacky (and sometime not entirely legit) merchandise we’ve come across while documenting the Innovator of iPad’s lengthy legacy. 

“Steve Jobs For President” T-Shirt:
If you’re a politically-minded, world-conscious Apple aficionado, you’ll probably think the man most capable of running the show is Steve. Now you can proudly display your Apple-shaped heart on your sleeve (or chest) with this presidentially printed casual shirt from Insanely Great Tees! They cost $19 and are ideal for a potential 2012 campaign. Get well soon Steve! Your country, nay – the world – needs you!

Steve Jobs Book by Walter Isaacson:
This one isn’t out yet, but we predict it will become a  bestseller and the must have tome for any member of Team Steve, coming in 2012. There have been books about certain parts of Steve’s life and his work model released before, but nothing as in-depth as this new biog by Walter Isaacson, which was officially commissioned over a year ago. In Biblical terms, for Apple’s faithful, this is will be the definitive Book of Jobs!


“Steve Jobs – Co-Founder of Apple” Comic Book:
If you like your reading a little more graphical, fear not… Who’s the latest super-power coming to a comic book store near you this month? It’s not the Mighty Thor, The Man of Steel or even the Amazing Spiderman – it is, of course, our Steve! The hype, in true comic fashion, is epic and enthralling: “He’s been called an innovator, risk-taker, a visionary and a genius. He’s also been called unscrupulous, an egomaniac and a corporate pirate”. “Steve Jobs: Co-Founder of Apple” is available through comic stores and And your friendly, neighbourhood Gadget Helpline bloggers expect a digital version for iPad and iPhone should be an obvious addition! (Original Article)

Steve Jobs Bobblehead iPhone Dock:
Featuring an figural facsimile of the former CEO, this heavily-bearded bobbler comes attached to handy iPhone dock. Check out Steve’s warm and welcoming gesture – In the familiar “keynote presentation” pose, he offers an invitation to all iFans and Apple-Bobbers to hook up with The Jobs for an iPhone party right on the desktop! This impressively illicit item raised Apple’s ire back in ’08 and was sadly banned. But on occasion one might sneak its way onto eBay, with prices usually starting at around the $90 mark.

Steve Jobs in Carbonite iPhone Case:
Some gadget mercenaries have had the amusing but strange idea of making this very unique geek treat for Star Wars and Apple fanatics – it’s an iPhone case featuring The Jobs himself – “and he’s still encased in carbonite!” Flying solo from Apple and Lucasfilm, Society6 are the rebellious company behind this fandom menace replicating the famous scenes from the Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. The Apple add-on suits iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS and iPhone4 retailing at $35 US or equivalent galactic credits and is available to buy now. But if you want one you better act at lightspeed – These are sure to be limited edition very soon! (Original Article)


We hope that the Gadget Helpline has given you a head start towards building your own Steve Jobs tribute. He may no longer pop up in our news feeds, but the now former Apple Chief Executive Officer will live on in our hearts – and through the vast selection of impressive, amazing and often bizarre memorabilia available on Planet Apple!

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