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How to stop Google Chrome Tabs opening in a new window

In the last few months we at the Gadget Helpline have experienced an infuriating little bug whilst using Google Chrome when surfing the web.

Since we are in the business of helping customers with tech, we decided to have a good ol’ nose around to see if there is a reason or an issue with Google Chrome that was causing this. Well, we were shocked by the sheer amount of customers who were experiencing the same issue and it would appear that Google has been flooded with similar issues to what we are experiencing, with many customers looking for a fix.

Well if Google isn’t going to help then we certainly can!


When using Google Chrome, clicking on new and already open tab will re-open the tab as a new Google Chrome window instead of just opening the tab in the existing window.

This appears to be happening for both the desktop and tablet Chrome software and is a nuisance if you have a lot of pages to navigate between.


Thanks to Google’s Chrome store there is a Google extension (a behind the scenes application that changes how Chrome works) called “One Window” that can be installed on your Chrome browser to rectify the issue.

One Window

Automatically moves new Windows and Popups as Tab to the main window. So it is never more than a single window open

  1. Sign in to your Google Chrome Account
  2. Click the following link:
  3. Click the +ADD TO CHROME button
  4. Confirm the new Extension by clicking “Add
  5. One Windows will now be installed!

From now on all of your tabs will continue to open in the same window, as well as any of those annoying pop-ups (but you should also be using the AdBlock plus extension for that!) that come up on certain websites will all opening in the same page.

Hopefully Google will sort this issue soon but while they try to fix it follow the instructions above for a pop-out window-free experience.

You can also follow the conversation or add your thoughts to the issue on the official Google products forums here>>

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