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Surface Pro 3 Selling Out Worldwide

The Surface Pro 3 is already encountering problems at the retail end of things, with the popular tablet device from Microsoft just not having quite enough inventory available to get out to every consumer who wants one.

The Surface Pro 3 functions as both a tablet…

Today in response to the issue, Microsoft’s Mike Hall blogged a promise out that the company would make sure they would get some more inventory of the Surface Preo 3 to far flung countries such as Germany, China, Australia, and Korea.

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Here’s what Mike said on Microsoft’s blog: Due to the response, Surface Pro 3 is in limited supply in some markets. Given the interest that we saw as part of our US launch, retailers ordered what we thought was a healthy amount of Surface Pro 3s for these new markets. It turns out that we didn’t ship enough. At some retailers in Australia, Surface sold out by lunchtime on launch day. In China, retailers are sold out of the Core™ i5 and i7 models. And devices are hard to come by in Germany, New Zealand, Korea, and at one of the largest retailers in the United Kingdom.

It seems that the flagging range of Surface devices might have just proved to bat that bit more popular across the world as opposed to n the United States. Indeed, Surface devices are prized for their office uses and backwards compatibility with older versions of windows and associated files.

…and also as a laptop.

Microsoft might also have been cautious to ship out so many of the devices because of the lack of interest in the US, especially since they have been cutting out unnecessary products lately, such as the Surface version of Windows RT, as well as RT altogether.

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Microsoft’s unified operating system is soon coming, so amassment of Surface devices may also be due to the removal of RT, which some have praised over the few years it’s been around. Either that, or they’re hoping for a free upgrade once Microsoft unveils the all encompassing Windows 9.

At any rate, if you’re looking for a Surface Pro 3, your best bet is to check in with retailers before making a trip, and see if you can reserve a model when stock next comes in.

Source: TechCrunch 

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